“As a new mom to a winter baby each week’s Mom and Baby Yoga is truly rejuvenating. And A LOT LESS LONELY. The Sensory Yoga engages your little one while you do the poses. Rachel is knowledgeable and has created a positive environment for new and “seasoned” moms to go do yoga, meet others and change your daily mood.”
“Where do I begin! There is a huge list of amazing things I could say about Rachel…but to be brief, she creates the warmest environment for new moms and has enabled me to meet so many amazing mommy friends, I can never say thank you enough, you have saved my maternity leave and given me support like you wouldn’t believe!”
“When I had my first child I did not join anything and wished I had done mom and baby yoga. I joined…when my daughter was a few months old and it has truly been a life changer! Rachel is amazing and creates such a great environment, which my daughter loved from a young age! She loves the toys and interaction!``

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